Grandstand: The Ultimate Birthday Cake Candle Holder for Ages 10 - 110!

Grandstand: The Ultimate Birthday Cake Candle Holder for Ages 10 - 110!

TLooking for a unique way to celebrate a birthday? The newest Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder, the Grandstand, is just what you need!
Hello, party people! I’m Bre and I write the DIY and crafts blog, Average But Inspired. Years ago I had the pleasure of using the original Celebration Stadium Candelabra birthday candle holder to help people like you get ideas for How to Host a Memorable Milestone Birthday.
Now I’m back to tell you just how fantastic the new Celebration Stadium Grandstand birthday candle holder is!
After listening to customer feedback over the years, Celebration Stadium has totally revamped its birthday cake candle holder. Unlike the original Candelabra candle holder, the new Grandstand is ‘no assembly required’, holds up to 110 candles (vs. 100), and comes with a convenient storage bag.
I just know you’re going to want it for your next celebration - whether you’re commemorating a first birthday or a one-hundred-and-tenth birthday!

What is Celebration Stadium Grandstand?

The Celebration Stadium Grandstand is an impressive candle holder; it's a centerpiece of unforgettable birthday magic, especially when it comes to 100th birthday party ideas. Imagine marking a century of cherished memories with a grand display of up to 110 candles! This incredible invention lets you celebrate each year spectacularly. Whether it's for a monumental 100th birthday or any other special milestone, the Grandstand adds a touch of grandeur and awe to your celebrations. It’s perfect for creating memorable moments, capturing the essence of a lifetime in a breathtaking visual spectacle. Make your loved one's birthday truly memorable with this amazing candle holder.

100th birthday party ideas

Benefits of Using the Celebration Stadium Grandstand Birthday Cake Candle Holder

While there are some obvious benefits of the new Celebration Stadium Grandstand, there are a few subtle advantages, too!

First off, using the Grandstand in connection with any birthday celebration is guaranteed to make it even more memorable. The Grandstand looks amazing with any number of candles displayed, and you can decorate it (and use the included pennant flags) to coordinate with any party theme. Trust me: party guests will love this unique birthday cake display!

Next, the Celebration Stadium Grandstand makes it easy to have that “wow” moment at any birthday party. Simply set up the Grandstand and a cake on a table, and watch the guest of honor’s eyes fill with emotion at the beautiful sight. It’s the perfect birthday centerpiece of your party.

Or, order the new Grand Entrance Tray to surprise the guest of honor as you carry in a cake and lit candles in the Grandstand while singing the Happy Birthday song (totally on key, of course). Can’t you picture it in your head?

Birthday centerpiece

Celebration Stadiums & Accessories

See the spectacular Celebration Stadiums for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Shop for candles, cake toppers, and other party accessories.

And because the Celebration Stadium Grandstand is reusable, you could use it for every birthday you want to celebrate for the rest of time. The ‘no assembly required’ modular design makes it so that you’re able to display as few or as many candles as you want: from 1 - 110. Make it your new birthday tradition!

Finally, let me ask you this . . . do you enjoy the taste of wax (or germs - yes, I went there) on your birthday cake? I’m guessing the answer is no, and that is another reason why you’re going to want the Celebration Stadium Grandstand.

Absolutely no wax will drip on that delicious cake - threatening to ruin both the look and flavor! And, the Celebration Stadium Grandstand makes blowing out the candles more sanitary, as nobody is blowing directly onto the cake. Genius!

How Is It Different From Regular Birthday Cake Candle Holders?

  1. Elevated Candle Placement: The Grandstand arranges candles in a tiered formation, offering a visually striking display that traditional flat holders can't match.
  2. Enhanced Safety Features: Its sturdy design minimizes the risk of candles tipping over, a common issue with regular holders.
  3. Innovative Flag Holders: Unique slots for decorative flags add a personalized touch to celebrations, which regular holders lack.
  4. Flexible Decorating Options: The Grandstand allows for creative decorating beyond candles, such as adding thematic elements to match party decor.
  5. Interactive Experience: The act of placing candles becomes a fun, engaging activity for guests, unlike the straightforward setup of standard holders.
  6. Space Efficiency: Despite its large capacity, the Grandstand’s design is space-conscious, avoiding the cluttered look of multiple regular holders.

What is included with the Celebration Stadium Grandstand?

One thing I really appreciate about the Grandstand is that it comes with everything you need to get any celebration underway ASAP, and also to safely store the Grandstand when the party’s over.

You’ll get:

  1. 10 modular candle stands (each with ten holes), and ten single candle / flagpole holder clips;
  2. 100 gold birthday candles that fit perfectly into the Grandstand birthday candle holder’s holes;
  3. 10 iridescent flagpoles and ten mini pennant flags to decorate and personalize (if desired);
  4. 60 stickers that can be used to personalize either the mini pennant flags or the Grandstand; and
  5. A pearlescent storage bag that keeps the Celebration Stadium Grandstand safe for all future celebrations.

And don’t forget the Grand Entrance Tray I mentioned earlier: that is an extra that will take your birthday cake presentation to the next level!

What can I do to make a birthday special?

One thing I know for sure is that you’ll never regret putting in effort to make someone’s birthday special (I think the kids these days call that being “extra”).
Celebration Stadium Grandstand makes that easy: whether you make someone’s birthday sparkle right out of the box or you customize the Grandstand with DIY and decor.
You’ll create memories to last a lifetime not only for the person whose birthday it is, but also for everyone else privileged to be part of the celebration.


In conclusion, the Celebration Stadium Grandstand is more than just a birthday candle holder; it's a game-changer in how we celebrate milestones. From first birthdays to centennial celebrations, this innovative holder transforms a simple cake into a grand spectacle of light and love. It's practical yet magical, offering safety, versatility, and a stunning visual impact that regular holders simply can't match. Whether it's making a 100th birthday unforgettable or adding sparkle to any special day, the Grandstand promises to turn every birthday into a memorable event. Embrace this unique tradition and make every birthday celebration a story worth telling for years to come..

About the Author: Bre Eggert is a DIY and crafts blogger and video content creator at Average But Inspired. For almost ten years she’s been inspiring people online to create a beautiful life, no matter their skill level or experience. From achievable home projects and decor to parties and celebrations, Bre loves infusing personality and a little something special into everything she does.

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