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Behind the Scenes with Celebration Stadiums Photoshoot

Our Commitment to Sharing Milestone Birthday Solutions

Celebration Stadiums were invented by our dad a few years ago. We set up our family company to share his solution for appreciating milestone birthdays. Getting the word out about this entirely new creation for celebration means showing you photos. Lots and lots of photos - especially product shots for our website, Amazon, Walmart, Etsy, and other online stores.
With every photo, we aim to showcase the grandeur of our innovative offerings so that everyone can explore these and create milestone birthday memories that will stay with them for the rest of their life. Whether you pick candelabra candle holders or the Grandstand, your choice of birthday centerpiece will effortlessly impress the crowd at your party!

Collaboration with Soona Studio in Minneapolis

Recently, we've been working with the talented professional photographers at the Soona Studio in Minneapolis for shoots of our newest product, the Birthday Grandstand and our Gala Mirror-finish Birthday Candelabra.
The photographers' objective was to capture the perfect shot so someone seeing our products for the first time would instantly be attracted, understand the purpose, and press the beloved "add to cart" button. Or at least want to learn more!
By collaborating with the talented team of photographers at the Soona Studio, we have taken great care in elevating the visual presentation of our new products. The brilliance of the products captured in each photo proves how they can add to the beauty and excitement of your celebration simply yet elegantly.

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Photographer Setting up Product Shot with Birthday Grandstand Candle Holder

Getting the right lighting and background colors made all the difference. The producers recommended bright party colors and lighting that show off the stunning candlelight glow. Fortunately, our candles burn slowly with minimal wax drips, so the photographers had plenty of time even with 100 lit candles. (You get over nine minutes of candle burn time for your party -- that allows singing Happy Birthday 540 times!)
The photographers loved the easy and quick set-up of the Stadiums. So simple to use. Just insert candles. Fits any size or shape cake. The Grandstand has individual modules which can be placed anywhere around the cake. Party day, like our shoot day, is a busy time, so a simple, fast set-up is essential. This simplicity helps make the occasion unforgettable not only for the guests but also for the host, as the latter can focus more on attending to guests than fussing over party decorations. So, be prepared to receive compliments for these beautiful candle holders as they captivate your guests and spark conversations!

Celebration Stadiums & Accessories

See the spectacular Celebration Stadiums for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Shop for candles, cake toppers, and other party accessories.

Behind the Scenes of the Photoshoot

To demonstrate the easy set-up for a party, we hired a professional hand model to place the cake, light the candles, and arrange the decorations.
Everyone anticipates the magical moment of the party when the cake is unveiled, and the focus is on celebrating the birthday person. But no one expects decades of lit candles and a cake to enter the room while guests sing "Happy Birthday."
The production team did an amazing job creating a set to demonstrate celebrating the element of surprise in any setting.

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Photogenic Birthday Parties

We love this top-down product shot of the Gala Mirror Candelabra on the Grand Entrance Tray with 100 gold candles lit and a regal-looking birthday cake! It perfectly shows off the beauty of the product, showcasing how it combines luxury and functionality, creating a captivating birthday centerpiece. Undoubtedly, it has an aesthetic that will turn every birthday celebration, be it the sixteenth, twenty-fifth, or fiftieth birthday, into a grand event. Now, taking memorable photos with family and friends will be a more fun experience!

Reusable and Joyful Celebrations

Celebration Stadiums will make all your birthday parties fabulously photogenic. The Stadiums are reusable for years of celebrations. They are easy to clean and pack flat for convenient storage.
Designed to hold up to 100 candles to cover every milestone birthday, these Stadiums will beautifully illuminate your cake and create a spectacle worth capturing in party pictures. Trust us when we say that your birthdays will never be dull again!

Customer Stories and Reviews

Our customers often send us photos of birthday events with their Stadiums. We really appreciate seeing the joy it brings to their families and friends. You can see many of these on our Reviews page and the Gallery page. Take a look for inspiration for your own upcoming birthday occasions. We are sure you will be tempted to own your own set of these magnificent candelabra candle holders! And oh, don't forget about the 'Grand Entrance' tray - this beautiful birthday centerpiece will be the crowning glory of your Stadiums.

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