How to Celebrate 100th Birthdays!

How to Celebrate 100th Birthdays!

100th birthdays are rare and momentous occasions to celebrate lives well-lived!

Only about one in 4,500 Americans are centenarians. That said, people living to 100+ are the fastest growing population group in the world today, estimated to grow eight-fold by 2050 (that could mean you!).
Planning a 100th birthday event is not just about an age milestone, it’s a chance recognize seniors’ accomplishments and cherished memories. For some it can be an especially precious time for building their sense of identity, hugely beneficial for well-being and dignity.
Birthdays gathering loved-ones affirms feelings of love and support for your senior. But it also gives younger family and friends a unique chance to learn about their roots. Adult children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) often are fascinated to learn about their family origin stories.

As people age they don’t want more stuff, they appreciate positive experiences of times spent together. For a birthday event this could include ways to kindle memories such as:

As I prepared for the festivities and decorations, I can't help but wonder where the time has gone?! Wasn't it just yesterday that I was cradling this tiny human in my arms, marveling at the miracle of life? Now, she is standing before me, all wide-eyed and eager to embrace the world. Six years old – it's a milestone that carries the weight of countless memories, from the first steps to her first day of school.
Send out a call for photos... there may be some hidden gems not seen for years! Make a slide show for an event and a treasured keepsake book. Could be structured by chapters or decades of the person’s life.

Make a booklet of 100 things loved about your birthday person. Dedicate one page to each thought, makes for an incredibly uplifting and heartfelt read long after the party. Could even include illustrations or scrapbook items contributed by friends and relatives.
Ask guests who can't attend a party to take a video of themselves sharing best wishes and a great memory of the centenarian. Edit the videos into a presentation to play at the party and to share with everyone online or via email.
For those attending, film the guests during the party asking them to share a favorite story about the centenarian. Combine all the videos for a lasting gift for everyone.

Create a visual family tree, adorn the birthday person’s roots and branches with photos picturing (or just names identifying) generations past and present.
Go back in time to feature the birthday-person’s favorites – play their beloved music, serve drinks and food dishes they may not have enjoyed in years, maybe even dig out some vintage clothes and souvenirs.

Of course no birthday is complete without a cake and candles. Bring back the childhood joy of the traditional candle for every year with a Celebration Stadium candle holder. It holds 100 candles in a semi-circle around the cake. Allows for fantastic photos with the candlelight radiance and great videos blowing out the candles.

Celebration Stadiums & Accessories

See the spectacular Celebration Stadiums for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Shop for candles, cake toppers, and other party accessories.

Over 100? Recognize this good fortune with additional candles on your Celebration Stadium adding more candles with Stadium clips.

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Some wonderful media and government recognition opportunities:

Featured on the Today Show with Al Roker:

Complete the form online, or to send a written request download the form and mail it, with a photo, to this address. Centenarians are picked randomly to be recognized on the show:

385 East – 14
Attention: Al Roker Celebration
30 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10112

Receive a greeting from President Biden, submit your request at:

White House Contact
Include the following information in the comments box:

Name and home address of honoree(s);
Form of address (Mr., Ms., Mrs., Dr., Miss, etc.)
Exact date of birthday (month, day, year) Age

Your (the requestor’s) name and daytime phone number Any specific mailing instructions if other than to honoree’s address.

You may also mail the request to:

The White House Greetings Department 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500

Wonderful Ways to Celebrate a Loved One's 100th Birthday

Reaching a 100th birthday is a monumental milestone, a celebration of a century of life, experiences, and memories. This occasion calls for extraordinary 100th birthday party ideas that honor the journey of the individual. A respectful yet joyous approach is key in planning this milestone birthday party. It's about creating a day that reflects the incredible life lived, filled with love, respect, and cherished moments. In this section, we will explore various 100th milestone birthday party ideas and themes that are not only celebratory but also deeply meaningful, ensuring that the centennial celebration is as remarkable as the person it honors.

100th birthday party ideas

Play some games

Integrating games into a 100th birthday celebration adds a light-hearted and interactive element. Tailor the games to reminisce and celebrate the life of the honoree, perhaps with trivia about different decades or a fun, gentle quiz on their life's journey. It's a delightful way to engage guests of all ages, creating laughter and joy.

Add some extra personal touches

Personal touches make 100th birthday party ideas truly special. Incorporate a happy birthday candle holder with 100-lit candles that will add sentimental value or customize decorations that reflect the honoree's preferences and life story. These small, thoughtful, and unique details add a profound layer of personalization to the celebration.

Choose a Party Theme

Selecting a theme adds a cohesive and festive touch to the celebration. The theme can be reflective of the honoree's interests, a significant era in their life, or something fun and light-hearted. This helps in creating a memorable and immersive experience for both the guest of honor and the attendees.

Send a Personalized 100th Birthday Card

A personalized birthday card is a beautiful way to express your sentiments on such a significant occasion. A heartfelt message in a card, perhaps accompanied by photos or memories, can be a treasured keepsake for years to come. It's a simple yet impactful way to show your love and respect.

  1. Scrapbook: Invite guests to contribute to a memory scrapbook for the birthday person, adding their own written anecdotes and experiences. These memories can be shared aloud, offering a blend of humor and nostalgia. This activity not only creates an entertaining and emotional atmosphere but also serves as a beautiful keepsake filled with cherished moments, leading to plenty of laughter and heartfelt "ahhs."
  2. Slide show: Encourage friends and family to dig through their photo collections for unseen treasures to contribute to a special birthday project. Gather these photos to create a captivating slideshow for the event, which can also be transformed into a cherished keepsake book. Organize the images in a structured manner, perhaps by chapters or decades, to chronicle the rich tapestry of the birthday person's life journey.
  3. Booklet of 100 things: Create a booklet titled "100 Things We Love About You," dedicating each page to a unique trait or memory of the birthday individual. This collection becomes an uplifting and heartwarming keepsake, enhanced with personal illustrations or scrapbook contributions from friends and relatives, offering a meaningful and lasting tribute long after the party has ended.
  4. Videos into a presentation: Invite distant guests to record videos sharing their best wishes and fond memories with the centenarian. These heartfelt messages can be edited into a touching presentation, creating a special moment at the party. Afterward, the compilation can be shared online or via email, allowing everyone to partake in the sentiment and celebration.
  5. Film the guests: At the party, film guests as they recount their favorite memories with the centenarian. This initiative not only captures the essence of the celebration but also creates a compilation of personal stories. This video becomes a lasting gift, a cherished memento that encapsulates the love and admiration shared by friends and family.
  6. Create a visual family tree: Craft a visual family tree to celebrate the centenarian's rich heritage. Decorate it with photos or names, capturing generations past and present. This display serves as a beautiful tribute, visually connecting the roots and branches of the family and highlighting the birthday person's pivotal role in this lineage, making it a perfect present.
  7. Feature the birthday person's favorites: Delve into nostalgia by featuring the birthday person's all-time favorites at their party. Play the music they have loved over the years, serve classic drinks and dishes that bring back fond memories, and even consider showcasing vintage clothing and souvenirs from their past. This thematic approach creates a personal and immersive experience reminiscent of cherished times.

It's Time to Celebrate This Milestone Moment

Reaching a milestone birthday is a significant event that deserves a grand celebration. It's a time to reflect on the journey thus far and to look forward to the future with hope and excitement. A 100th milestone birthday party ideas should encompass the essence of the individual, highlighting their life's achievements, passions, and the love they've shared with others. Celebrating this momentous occasion is about more than just marking another year; it's about honoring the unique story of the birthday person and the impact they've made on the lives around them. Such celebrations create lasting memories, strengthening bonds between family and friends.

Receive a greeting from the King of England (for British and Commonwealth residents):

Send copy of birth certificate/proof of age to:

Assistant Private Secretary
Buckingham Palace, London

Write “Anniversary” in top left hand corner of envelope

Recognition for Irish Centenarians, the Centenarian Bounty

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