Taking Your Celebrations Outside - Celebration Stadium

Taking Your Celebrations Outside

These crazy days people are hosting more gatherings out of doors. We recently went to a wonderful 50th birthday party in an old apple orchard. Featuring apple pie with fruit from those trees and a fully-lit Celebration Stadium, it was the perfect autumn event. Outdoor parties bring out the fun in people. It's an opportunity to spread out, enjoy fresh air, and move about in relaxing spaces. We're getting into fire pit season which allows for even more warm ambiance.

Here are a few tips we've collected for making the most of your outside event, featuring photos of Celebration Stadiums in action outside...


Place the beverages in a different spot from the food to avoid bottlenecks at the buffet. Cooler with lots of ice nearby. Make it a self-service theme bar with fun things for garnish – whether Bloody Mary’s, hot cider, or mocktails for the kids. Serve individual cans, bottles or pre-poured drinks


Barbecuing lets you stay with your guests as you prepare the meal, not isolated in the kitchen. Go buffet style so you don't have to serve everyone, but with serving utensils to keep hands out of the chips. Use skewers to make it easier to pick up and fun to eat. If possible, have the serving table near an electrical outlet for food warming trays. Cover the chow to keep out bugs.

Celebration Stadiums & Accessories

See the spectacular Celebration Stadiums for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Shop for candles, cake toppers, and other party accessories.


Brown craft paper across the table makes a fun look and quick cleanup. Spread around some crayons and no one can resist creative doodling. Use cuttings from your yard as table décor.
Set up tables in separate areas―say, drinks in one spot, dessert in another―to encourage roaming and conversations in transit.
Not enough seating to go around? Bring out stools or poufs from the house. Even tree stumps can work. If you’re going casual spread some quilts on the ground.


Evening outdoor parties need lots of lighting, but it doesn’t need to be bright. The key is that people can see well enough to move around having conversations. Get out those holiday string lights, they add instant cheer.

Of course the most important factor for your outdoor party is for YOU to have a blast. If your guests see you laughing, yaking, and enjoying the moment they'll be more likely to love the party as well.

We’d love to hear about your experiences with creative-solution celebrations. Best wishes for your outdoor party!


Have your playlist prepped. Be careful where the speakers are placed, people won’t want to stand in front of them. Use several speakers, spaced out, at a lower volume. Face them toward the side of a building and the sound will spread out. Invite the neighbors – they won’t be as likely to complain about any noise!

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