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Go One Step Further to Personalize Your Celebration

One of the most thoughtful ways to show how much you care about someone is to personalize their celebration. It can be as simple as using someone’s favorite color eg. everything at the party is pink, or decorating with their favorite interest, sport or hobby. But if you go one step further toward communicating a few specific details about someone’s life, you can create a significantly more meaningful celebration.

Take my mom’s 80th birthday for example, she loves gardening. She is a member of an herb society, a garden club, and maintains numerous flower, veggie and herb gardens at her home. So when mom turned 80, we created a party with a gardening theme. We hosted a luncheon at an arboretum with her favorite foods and everyone told a short story about what they love most about her. We walked the gardens, her cake had a yellow rose on it, the candles were her favorite color yellow and we made mini flags with flower stickers on them. She said seeing the 12 colorful flower flags really took her breath away and made her feel so special. It sure generated a lot of stories too. Needless to say, she felt honored and quite surprised at how her interest and dedication to gardening had influenced others. It sure was fun to make the flags, to think about who mom is and to show her our appreciation for her.

Celebrations for any age can be made more memorable with just a little extra thought about those special people in your life. Whether you are celebrating someone around a holiday theme or appreciating the milestones in someone’s life, you can create a more heartfelt celebration through personalization.

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