Milestone Birthday Ideas for Every Age

Milestone Birthday Ideas for Every Age

Turning a milestone birthday is a time to celebrate in a big way! Whether your loved one is turning 21 or 50 or 100, it's time to party! And what better way to celebrate than by throwing an unforgettable bash?

At Celebration Stadium we live to help people plan milestone birthday celebrations. Our unique birthday candle holders are the perfect way to add  excitement and meaning to your party décor.

Let us help you make your milestone birthday party one that they'll never forget!

What Are Milestone Birthdays?

A milestone birthday is a birthday that marks a significant event in someone's life. For example, turning 65 and "officially" a senior is a milestone birthday. The best part?  Milestone birthdays are often celebrated with a big party!

Celebrating milestone birthdays is a great way to show the special person in your life how much you care. A milestone birthday is a time to make memories that will last a lifetime.

How to Celebrate a Milestone Birthday

Champagne glasses toasting a milestone birthday party

There are several methods to commemorate special birthdays. Here are a few suggestions: 

Have a grand bash!  Invite everyone your celebrant knows to join the event.

Get creative with your decorations.  Check out our unique birthday candle holders available at Celebration Stadium.

Make it a day of celebration by getting together with friends and family!

But the best way to celebrate a milestone is to cater to the specific milestone.  Let's take a look at some milestones...

Celebrating Turning 50

For some milestone birthdays, the number itself is significant. Turning 50 is a great example. This milestone birthday celebrates half a century of life!

How to Celebrate a 50th Birthday

50th birthday celebration gala

There are many ways to celebrate turning 50. Some cultures will celebrate turning 50 by giving the person a gold party. This is where everyone in attendance will bring gifts of gold to the milestone birthday celebrant.  (Of course Celebration Stadium's exclusive gold candles are the perfect match.)

Others will have an "Abraham" or "Sarah" theme, depending on the gender. This refers back to the biblical story where Abraham and Sarah celebrate their 50th anniversaries.

Still, others will have a more low-key celebration with close family and friends. But, however you choose to celebrate, turning 50 is definitely a milestone worth celebrating!

Becoming a Senior

Turning 65 is a significant milestone birthday because it means one's officially a senior citizen!

This milestone birthday comes with many perks, like discounts on travel, restaurants, and more. It's also a time to reflect on life and accomplishments.

How to Celebrate a 65th Birthday

60th birthday celebration grandfather and grandson

There are many ways to celebrate turning 65.  From a big party with all the friends and family, or keep it low-key with just close loved ones.  Might also be the  opportunity to travel and see the world!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, turning 65 is a milestone worth celebrating.

Reaching 70 Years Old

In many cultures, the number seven is a lucky number. For example, in Chinese culture, the number seven is associated with good luck and happiness. While in many Christian cultures, the number seven is associated with God's perfect number.

How to Celebrate a 70th Birthday

70th birthday celebration

At this point, people are likely retired, have a few grandkids, and have accomplished a lot in life. So, how do you plan to celebrate such a momentous milestone birthday?

Some people choose to have a big party, while others really zero in on the number seven. However, the best way to celebrate is to enjoy your favorite people and activities, travel to places you've never seen, enjoy the littles in your family, and cherish the beautiful moments.

Aye Aye Matey

What did the pirate say when he turned 80? I'm eighty!

How to Celebrate an 80th Birthday

Family party celebrating 80th birthday

There are many options for marking the occasion of an octogenary (80th) birthday. You can have a big bash or just keep it simple. But remember that you are unique for reaching the 8th decade in your life.

Whether celebrating with a few close friends or going all out, an 80th birthday is a milestone to be proud of.

90 Years and Still Young

The milestone birthday of 90 years old is an impressive accomplishment. At this point in life, one has likely seen and done a lot.

How to Celebrate a 90th Birthday

90th birthday celebration, grandfather and granddaughter

The best way to celebrate a 90th milestone birthday is to simply celebrate life. At this age, people have probably learned a lot of valuable lessons and have a lot of wisdom to share.

Passing all that wisdom on to the next generation is a heavy burden to bear. But by turning 90, many people will look up to your celebrant and their accomplishments.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, turning 90 is an amazing milestone that not everyone gets to achieve.

The Turn of a Century

100th birthday celebration fit for a queen

A centenary milestone birthday is a huge accomplishment. This is a time to reflect on all that your centurion has seen and done in life. Celebrating a 100th birthday  calls for all the family members to get involved, make it easy for the birthday person to appreciate the recognition.  Let them sit back and reflect on life, the pain, the beauty, and the love.  They've made it to 100 years old, and that is something to be very proud of.

Milestone Birthdays: Start Celebrating Now

Milestone birthday celebration, wife and husband

No matter what milestone birthday you are planning to celebrate, make sure to enjoy it to the fullest. These milestone birthdays only come around once -- your family and friends deserve to celebrate them in style!

If you're looking for a unique way to celebrate milestone birthdays, check out our Celebration Stadiums. They are created just for milestone birthdays and will make your party unforgettable!

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