Our Story

Our Dad invented the first Celebration Stadium -- a man with a big heart and a flair for the sentimental. To Knight Merritt making his family and friends feel special and loved is one of the most important things he can do. When one of his closest buddies turned 80 years old Knight wanted to celebrate his birthday in a memorable way. Knight decided it was important that his friend have the opportunity to blow out 80 candles at his party. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room to place all of the candles on the cake. As a custom model builder and master craftsman, Knight solved the problem by designing and building a 3-tiered platform that held 80 candles surrounding the birthday cake. 

Birthday cake candle holders

One of the early wood Stadiums on dad's workbench.​

The celebration was a smashing success with party guests taking countless pictures to capture the excitement and smiles of the birthday boy.   Said he “it was quite a surprise to me to see 80 candles and to have to blow them all out.  Reminded me of my birthday parties as a boy. I loved it!” 

From that moment on people have been asking Dad to make them candle stadiums.  Now we can share this fun and magnificent party highlight with you.  Hope you will enjoy many wonderful events with your own Celebration Stadium.

       - Carey Ide & Wil Merritt, Celebration Stadium LLC


Knight Merrit Inventor - Celebration Stadium
Dad enjoying the Celebration Stadium for his own birthday with the guys.