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Celebration Stadium

"Gala Candelabra" Silver-Mirror Birthday Candle Holder, includes 100 Gold Candles

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For a truly exceptional birthday centerpiece the mirror-finish Gala Candelabra makes a milestone statement. The mirror surfaces reflect the candlelight with an awe-inspiring glow. While the candelabra holds up to 100 candles, it looks spectacular with any number of candles.  The contemporary design is a show-stopper for your table. 

Reusable, can be taken apart  for flat storage.

Thousands of families and friends have cherished birthday memories and photos thanks to the spectacular candle light display on the Celebration Stadium.  Keeps wax from dripping on to the cake and is more sanitary by not blowing out the candles directly on the cake.

20" wide x 11" deep. Inside measures 14" wide to fit a cake up to that size in diameter. Three tiers for candles and other decorations. The highest tier is 6" tall.

Includes 100 gold birthday candles.  Custom-made for the Celebration Stadium in our most popular color - rich gold.  Looks great on the Stadium and in photos too.

Bundle with our "Grand Entrance" Tray to carry your cake and candles into the birthday party!

The Celebration Stadium is made from high-quality, flame-resistant and durable aluminum composite material, 1/8" thick.  UL grade 94V-0. Self extinguishing. Class 1 or Class A fire rating (ASTM E-84).

 Made in U.S.A. Patented.

Use as is for an unforgettable display... or if you're crafty embellish with your own creative decorations.  See ideas from actual birthday parties on the Gallery page.

Celebration Stadiums consistently earn 5-star customer reviews!


It was a big hit at my Dad’s 80th birthday party!"  susankarp Illinois Oct 31, 2023

"It was a HIT. The talk of the party. Our Mom’s 85th birthday was the BEST ever. Thanks a bunches for all the fun you created for us."  J.A., Florida Aug 12, 2023

"The quality was so good! Seller was so informative, do buy the candles the recommend! Item was shipped so fast, definitely worth buying! ❤️ it was great to set up so many candles for the birthday boy to blow out lol"  Krystal A, Texas, April 3, 2023


Mirror-finish Celebration Stadium with candlelight reflections and a family pup

"A showstopper!  The Celebration Stadium took our breath away." 
-K.M.  Illinois  3/8/22


"Fantastic packaging for shipping! Beautiful piece. Was complimented all night long!"  Ann, Feb 25, 2022


90th birthday customer photo of her mother's party with silver Celebration Stadium

This candle set up completely made my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday celebration!! It was so gorgeous with all 90 candles lit & I even took a video of her determined to blow out every single one as she worked around the stadium set up! Amazed to say SHE DID IT!!! She was so proud of herself & for her to have lived 90 long years, I saw what it meant to her to be able to blow out every candle for every one of those years. I’ll never forget the joy this brought all of us."  Carissa, Texas March 17, 2022

"This was an awesome purchase!! The entire restaurant was in awe when the cake came out with all the candles to celebrate my dad’s 80th birthday! Can’t recommend this enough…it really is a statement piece and worth the price. Shipping was great too…no problems or delays 😀 " Veronika, California Jan 18, 2022

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