Decorating for a great birthday celebration: 10 Tips & Tricks

1. Vary the size and types of candles. Even sparklers!

2. Small pom-poms on 10" wooden skewers.

3. Mini-garlands with paper straws covering skewers.

4. Story-telling with paper figurines and themes.

5. Flowers and mini-flags, made with stickers on cocktails skewer "flagpoles".

6. Cake toppers - even with a pancake birthday breakfast.

7. Add color with ribbons and bows.

8. Try twist hard candy or rock candies on a stick for a sweet look.

9. Golden letter candles look great - but they do burn faster than traditional candles.

10. Time to bring out those long-hidden photos.

Be sure to keep decorations away from lit candles! Remove before lighting to avoid flammables.

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