"Our family of five celebrated outside together, one cake for my three and one cake for my parents. This was perfect!"  Feb 15, 2021  S.D. / California

Double cakes for two birthdays and one Celebration Stadium


"Big hit to celebrate/gag a 60 year old."  Jan 18, 2021  T.C. / Louisiana


"We love the Celebration Stadium so much.  It was a huge success I cannot wait to make it a regular gift for our family."  Jan 15, 2021  J.B. / New York


"I ordered the Birthday Celebration-in-a-Box for my mom's 95th birthday.  The cake, I'm told, was amazingly delicious, and the candle Stadium and crown super special.  But what really touched my heart was that our birthday message was hand-written.  Watching mom, on video call, read the card brought me to tears.  Your thoughtful products made this day very special."  Nov 25, 2020   M.L. / Louisiana 


"I loved my Celebration Stadium at my 50th Bday. It was wonderful to blow out all 50 candles while keeping my cake intact."  Sep 21, 2020   D.V. / Pennsylvania


"The Celebration Stadium is absolutely beautiful! Easy, clean and classy!!!  A great invention!!"  Sep 20, 2020   C.B. / Minnesota

80th birthday party Celebration Stadium review



"This is a great piece to have! Great workmanship. It was truly “icing on the cake” for our 40th & 60th celebration. Beautiful piece. I was proud to display this behind our cake."  Sep 13, 2020   S.G. / Texas


"Beautiful item-- can't wait to use it to celebrate a 50th B-Day!"  Sep 8, 2020   M.V. / Wisconsin



"Perfect for our 75th celebration! The candle stand is a hard material and definitely reusable and the candles are a very nice quality. The first candle wasn't totally melted away by the time I got to number 75! They all burned slowly. Just a great idea for that special bday."   Aug 31, 2020    S.L. /  Washington


"This picture is priceless -- the stadium really made the celebration."   Aug 30, 2020  K.L. / Ohio


"Easy to put together. Nice way to store in shipping package. Well worth the money for a 90th birthday."   Aug 5, 2020   M.B. / Florida


"This is AWESOME! I can't wait to use it for my father's 90th birthday in September... It arrived super fast -- thank you for that!"   Aug 3, 2020    L.N.  / California


"Thank you for the beautiful Celebration Stadium!  It helped make the celebration extra special 😊❤️  "  Jul 13, 2020   M.R. / Minnesota



"Love it! Very popular at party. Thank You!"  Jul 13, 2020   S.F. / Texas


"I recently purchased a Birthday Celebration-In-A-Box for my girlfriend’s 50th birthday. The pandemic has changed everyone’s plans, so I was really struggling with gift ideas as she can be difficult to shop for at times. I was doing some research on gift ideas during the pandemic when I came upon your company. Immediately I fell in love with this product and decided to purchase it for her. Your product is such a step up from the typical birthday cake presentation, that I couldn't resist getting it. The package arrived yesterday (two days earlier than expected which was impressive). I am happy to say that my girlfriend LOVED the gift!!!"  June 28, 2020  T.J. / Pennsylvania


"Showcased our dad’s cake beautifully, and made such a wonderful memory. Great packaging, delivery speed, and customer service! Thank you!"  Mar 1, 2020    L.N.  / Virginia



"Thank you for such a fantastic addition to our party!"  Feb 7, 2020    M.R.  / Tennessee



"My Grandma was so surprised and laughed seeing 90 candles for her 90th birthday. She said she has never seen something like the candle stadium nor ever even thought of such a thing. It was awesome and great fun to end the birthday celebrations by walking the stadium out to her. THANKS!"    Dec 28, 2019   M.K. / California 



"The stadium is awesome and was a big hit at my moms 80th birthday celebrating!" Nov 16, 2019     J.A. / Texas



"This celebration candles stand makes any plain cake look grand! I got lots of compliments."   Nov 10, 2019  N.K. / Minnesota



"I love my Celebration Stadium!  It takes singing Happy Birthday to another level!!!"  Oct 28, 2019  L.M. / Texas



"Loved it!"  Oct 27, 2019  R. Z. / North Carolina


"This was the perfect item to display 100 candles for my Grandma’s 100th birthday party! Can’t wait to use it again."   Oct 20, 2019   S.L. / Indiana




"We just wanted to share with you how everyone raved about the Celebration Stadium at Mike’s 70th birthday."  Jun 25, 2019  R.A.  /  Kansas

Celebration Stadium 70th birthday decoration from Kansas customer


"Celebration Stadium was the highlight at our ladies lunch to celebrate two birthdays."  Jun 5, 2019  C.I.  /  Wisconsin​



"It was so gratifying to see the joy on my dad's face as he watched us light 90 candles for him at his country western birthday party."   May 7, 2019  K.M.  /  Iowa

"Fast response and nice. I loved my candle holder. It's adjustable. At first, I was worried about the heart because it was for a guy's birthday, but it's totally versatile."   Mar 23, 2019  I.M.  /  Hawaii

Customer photo from Hawaii of their Celebration Stadium birthday party


"Will be using this for a surprise 85th birthday party next Saturday!  Fully expect it to be a great hit. Very much appreciate the way it was packaged.  And just love the concept!!  Already planning to use at another milestone family party in a few months."  Mar 22, 2019     D.D. / Arkansas


"So happy that I purchased the Celebration Stadium, it was perfect for my husband's 50th birthday celebration!"   Jan 1, 2019   T.O. / Connecticut

Nov 28, 2018   M.E. / Oklahoma



"We had so much fun on my mom’s birthday with Celebration Stadium outside around the pool!"  May 22, 2018   S.B. / Minnesota



"I thought this was brilliant and it was fun getting my friends to help me blow out all 50 -- I mean 49."  May 4, 2018   M.E. / New York


"Adorable and love it! Unique, fun and memorable!!"  May 3, 2018   K.S. / Minnesota