How Do You Make Milestone Birthdays 🎂  Meaningful & Memorable?

How Do You Make Milestone Birthdays 🎂 Meaningful & Memorable?

Planning A Big Birthday Is Challenging

Birthday decorations Celebration Stadium Pizza Party with old photos

How do you make the big day unforgettable for the birthday-person?  And fun for the guests?  And not too overwhelming for the organizer?

At Celebration Stadium we specialize in making birthdays matter.  We see hundreds of events every year and notice how people creatively customize their Stadiums.  To make it easy to use your Celebration Stadium as a themed centerpiece we are introducing Stadium Clips.  These clear little plastic clips make it a snap to personalize any party.


  Stadium Clip for birthday party decorations Celebration Stadium candle holders         Close up Stadium Clip for birthday party decorations Celebration Stadium candle holders

To get you started with some ideas for your own plans here are a few imaginative  concepts for centerpiece themes...


  • Break out some fun photos of the person's life - milestones & accomplishments

  • Feature a favorite food, for example a parade of chocolates

  • Display colorful birthday cards from friends & family

  • Showcase birthday presents like gift cards, cash, invitations, tickets to a show, restaurant reservations

  • Arrange funny theme items about getting old or a quirky hobby

Check out some examples below of party themes.  We can't wait to see what you come up with!


 Photo montage 70th birthday party decoration Celebration Stadium

Dig out those old snapshots to share memories in their Kodacolor glory.  Or print out digital images to tell a story.  You might also print out words or texts with the names, event and places meaningful to your birthday person.



 Chocolate theme Celebration Stadium 50th birthday party decoration

Make your chocoholic's dreams come true with a parade of chocolates.  Or whatever drives their food passion... a particular candy?  Cheese?  Fruit?  Dare we say bacon?  Anything that works with a skewer is viable.



80th birthday ideas, cards as decorations on Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder


In these days of emails and text messaging beautiful birthday cards from family and friends really stand out.  For an easy yet festive display arrange cards around your Stadium.  It's especially fun if you have cards saved from long past birthdays.



Birthday gifts, 100th birthday ideas, party decorations on a Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder

Surprise your birthday gal or guy with some precious presents.  Gift cards for travel, restaurants, favorite stores, event tickets, or how about a Ben Franklin for a 100th birthday?



 50th birthday ideas, gag items as birthday decorations on Celebration Stadium

Got someone with a sense of humor?  Lay on the jokes.  Getting old?  Golf junkie?  Hooked on knitting?  Cat fancier?  "Get off my grass" lawn fanatic?


Click here to go to the Stadium Clips product page

Personalizing your Stadium will create a birthday experience they will never forget.  We'd love to hear about your creative ideas.  Best wishes for your next par-tay!



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