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Make it an unforgettable occasion with our exclusive range of Celebration Stadium birthday cake candle holders. Introducing 'The Grandstand' and 'Candelabras'—two innovative designs set to elevate your cake's presentation. 'The Grandstand' boasts the capability to accommodate anywhere from 10 to 110 candles, ensuring it caters to all ages and party sizes. Available in a classic white hue, it seamlessly blends with any cake design.

Meanwhile, our 'Candelabra' candle holders present a chic and modern solution for your cake. With the capacity to hold up to 100 candles, its unique design allows for flexibility—you can fill as many holes as you desire without compromising on aesthetics. Choose between two sophisticated color options: pristine white or a reflective silver-mirror finish. Celebrate in style with these exceptional candle holders.

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"Celebrate your favorite baby with this impressive birthday candle holder. Able to hold between 10 and 110 candles, this “celebration stadium” is perfectly over-the-top, letting you or a loved one make massive birthday wishes and unforgettable memories."

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Remember as a child how you loved your birthday with a candle for every year? Bring back the joy with a Celebration Stadium candle holder.

Make Your Party Unforgettable With Birthday Centerpieces

Elevate your birthday party to new heights with our captivating 'Grand Entrance' tray, a perfect centerpiece for your party. Designed to carry both the birthday cake and your choice of candle holders, this tray is an embodiment of elegance and functionality. The tray features a striking "Happy Birthday" inscription in gold set against a pristine white background, accompanied by a tasteful gold confetti swirl design. 

You can add a personal touch with our customizable birthday toppers. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, our toppers are designed to harmonize with the overall theme of your party. Make your birthday celebration truly unforgettable with our ‘Grand Entrance’ tray and personalized toppers, designed to create lasting impressions and elevate your party atmosphere.

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