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A Candle for Every Year

Remember, growing up, the joy of celebrating your birthday with a candle for every year?
Thanks to Celebration Stadium candle holders you can share that warmth and recognition with up to 100 candles. Since we launched our fledgling family venture last year we have received lots of great photos of Stadiums in action. See how people around the country and the world are making birthdays matter with Celebration Stadiums!
Ancient tradition Birthday candles are a tradition that’s been around for ages. Traced back to the ancient Greeks who burned candles as offerings to their gods, for birthdays they baked round honey cakes to symbolize the moon. They topped them off with candles as a special way to pay tribute to the moon goddess, Artemis. Lit candles represented the reflected moonlight, and the smoke from the candles carried prayers up to the gods!

Beloved ritual

Birthdays are a chance to recognize and reflect on the journey of our lives. In our fast-paced world it is a special opportunity to take that annual moment with family and friends celebrating one person's life. Lighting one birthday candle for every year creates a short but incredibly impactful moment with the intensity of the flames, making a wish, and blowing them out. Lots of symbolism there -- not to mention great photos!

Personalize your celebration

It's exciting to see how party planners are personalizing their Celebration Stadium events. Decorating the Stadiums has become a bit like scrapbooking with creative touches -- mini-banners, flags representing milestones, and colorful enhancements from rhinestones to washi tape. The Stadiums are great to keep the candles off the cake so beautiful designs are not punctured. And you can depart from traditional cakes to celebrate with cupcakes, pies, or even favorite foods like pizzas or burgers.

Celebration Stadiums & Accessories

See the spectacular Celebration Stadiums for an unforgettable birthday celebration. Shop for candles, cake toppers, and other party accessories.

Start your own tradition

In these days of far-flung families and busy schedules, traditions sometimes get left behind. Celebration Stadiums were invented by our thoughtful dad who always looks for ways to bring family and friends together. We had so much fun with the Stadiums over the years we wanted to share our tradition with others. Made from aluminum, Celebration Stadiums are reusable for generations of milestone events. They can easily be assembled and then taken apart for convenient flat storage. We hope you will consider starting your own Celebration Stadium tradition!

--Carey & Wil, Co-founders, Celebration Stadium LLC

We'd love to see your creative ideas for birthday celebrations! You're invited to share on Instagram, Pinterest boards or our Facebook page.

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