There's more to life than cake!  Ten tasty birthday celebration alternatives

There's more to life than cake! Ten tasty birthday celebration alternatives

Sometimes birthdays need to be gluten-free because of diet or just to change it up and celebrate with favorite foods that go beyond the traditional cake. Thanks to Celebration Stadiums you can still recognize birthdays with a candle for every year no mater what the featured food. Here are ten ideas that go beyond angel food and devil's food...

  1. How about a lobster birthday? Just serve with melted butter and lemon and have a cracking fun celebration.
  2. For morning people... bring back your favorite childhood cereal to kick-off your birthday.
  3. Perhaps breakfast in bed is more your style? Birthday pancakes, fresh fruit compote and a cappuccino are a great way to wake up your celebrant.
  4. If lunchtime is calling... an ultimate 3-cheese grilled sandwich might be your birthday person's dream come true.
  5. Indulge your birthday person's comfort food craving, even if that means Spam.
  6. Maybe it's just past midnight, too late for cake but it is official the birthday date. Break out the champagne and popcorn with black truffle salt.
  7. Football season is about to start... time to tailgate your birthday celebration.
  8. Out camping? S'mores birthday. (The small-size Celebration Stadium is great for travels, lightweight and packs flat.)
  9. On a road trip? Stop into your favorite fast food and par-tay.
  10. Macarons or Macaroons or Mega-stuff Oreos, celebrate with your birthday person's all-time cookie hero.

We'd love to see your creative ideas for birthday celebrations! You're invited to share on Instagram, Pinterest boards or our Facebook page.

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