Questions? FAQs

Can I buy my own candles?

Yes, many regular birthday candles from grocery stores and party supply shops will work.  Unfortunately there is no universal standard size for birthday candles, we have designed the Stadium to fit the most common size.  Some fancier candles will be too narrow or too wide for the holes.  Be sure to test the fit prior to your birthday party.

How is it possible to light so many candles in time?

It actually doesn’t take very long to light even 100 candles. One person can do it and you will still have plenty of time to sing Happy Birthday, make a wish, and blow out the candles.

What is the best way to light the candles?

Use a lighter wand (like the kind to light barbeque grills) or even better, one of the new type of USB arc lighters You can also use long fireplace matches.


Will the Stadium work with a rectangle-shape birthday cake?

Yes, the Stadium is wide enough for rectangular cakes.  A few examples here from customer photos:

50 candles on a Birthday Grandstand with a rectangular cake Rectangular-shape birthday cake
Rectangular birthday cake 100th birthday cake separate numbers cake


Is the Celebration Stadium reusable?

Yes, the Stadium is made with high-quality fine aluminum on the top and bottom and will last for many years to come.  Just be careful not to bend the material, keep it flat and protected.


How do you clean the Stadium?

If you get candle wax drips or perhaps cake icing on the Stadium just run the piece under hot water in the kitchen sink and gently rub with your fingers or a paper towel.

What are the differences between The Grandstands and The Candelabras?

-modular so you can adjust the size of the candle holder with sections to match exactly the number of candles for the birthday being celebrated, from 10 to 110, including odd numbers (eg 66 or 47, not just multiples of 10)
-made of flame-resistant plastic, very durable
-four levels of candle holes, small wells hold any candle wax drips
-only available in white
-no assembly required
-storage party bag included
-includes optional mini-flags and stickers to personalize decorations
-have exactly 100 holes for candles, it’s not necessary to fill all the holes, the candle holder works well for any number of candles
-made from aluminum composite material, need to be careful not to bend it
-modern design with three levels of candles
-available in two colors, white or silver-mirror
-some assembly required
-disassemble for flat storage
In additional to these features it is a question of personal preference as to the style/appearance.


How do you store the Candelabras?

Shipped in a special storage box for years of safe-keeping,  the Candelabras are easily assembled for use and then can be taken apart for flat storage. 


Other questions?  Please email us and we will reply to you as quickly as possible: