Birthdays Travel Too:  Celebration Stadium Goes to Italy - Celebration Stadium

Birthdays Travel Too: Celebration Stadium Goes to Italy

Fabulous restaurant La Carabaccia in Tuscany

By Carey Ide, Co-founder, Celebration Stadium


Celebrating our 30th anniversary in April, my husband and I planned a romantic vacation to Italy. In order to keep the mood stress-free ("you missed the turn" or "how could you choose this restaurant") we went with Rick Steves' Heart of Italy Tour. With a focus on the richness of Italian history, art, and traditions, all the logistics (hotels, tickets, transportation, most meals) were taken care of on our behalf. From open-armed Italians ready to get to know us and share their country's culture, to art historians who personally walked us through museums (eg introducing us to Michelangelo's David), we felt immersed in Italian life.

Nothing can rival the freshness and simplicity of Italian fornos (bakeries).

One of our favorite dinners was served up in the town of Volterra at La Carabaccia. We devoured an authentic Tuscan feast complete with Insalata Caprese (tomatoes, basil, mozzarella with olive oil and sea salt), homemade sausage ravioli, melt in your mouth local pork with roasted vegetables, and plenty of the area's best vino. An extra special flourless chocolate dessert was prepared to celebrate a group-member's birthday. Being ever-ready for birthdays, I had brought along a Celebration Stadium for the occasion. The restaurant owner was thrilled to present her homemade torte with a candle-glowing Celebration Stadium!

Abundant gelato stores throughout Italy. We were amazed at the always-present lines to buy these delicious treats!

I'm so glad that I traveled with my Celebration Stadium! I brought it along in case someone in our group of 27 people were also celebrating an anniversary or birthday. People always say it really makes the party seem extra special and that it brings people together. And sure enough, once again folks told me that the birthday gal in our group felt quite honored, it created such a memorable moment on the trip for everyone. Most said they had never seen anything like it!

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Celebration Stadiums are very light weight. They will lay flat in a suitcase and are made from strong, unyielding aluminum (I used soft-sided luggage).

There were so many wonderful people and places on this trip, however one of my favorite memories will always be when one of my fellow travelers leaned over and said, "Celebration Stadium was one of the highlights of our group dinner!"

Celebration Stadium Co-founder Carey Ide in Rome at the Trevi Fountain, famous location for the classic movie "Three Coins in the Fountain." Carey displays, accordingly, three candles in the Stadium!

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