"The Grandstands" Modular Birthday Candle Holder For 10 to 110 Candles

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New product!

Six years after the launch of the first Celebration Stadium Birthday Candelabra we have incorporated the customer feedback and experience from thousands of users to develop the totally redesigned Birthday Candle Grandstand.

Celebration Stadiums are the highlight moment of any birthday party. Remember as a kid the excitement you had blowing out a birthday candle for every year? Now you can re-experience that joy and "make a wish" with up to 110 candles. Makes for a spectacular display and beautiful photos and videos.

Reusable for years of celebrations.

Holds up to 110 birthday candles in a stunning semi-circle around a cake. The modular design allows you to display any number of candles from 1 to 110.


  • 100 tall gold birthday candles
  • 10 modular 10-candle stands + 10 holder clips for single candles
  • 10 paper mini-flags with flagpoles and stickers for decorating
  • storage bag

No assembly required.

Keeps candle wax drips off the cake. More sanitary, avoid blowing directly on to the cake surface.

Flame-resistant material.

Use as is for an unforgettable display... or if you're crafty embellish with your own creative decorations.  See ideas from actual birthday parties on the Gallery page.

Celebration Stadiums consistently earn 5-star reviews!