New Product: Time For A Birthday "Grand Entrance" Tray

CUE THE ENTRANCE... the lights go down, there's a sudden hush, smiles break out and the singing begins.  No matter how many times we celebrate birthdays it is always a thrill when the cake and glowing candles enter the room.

Grand Entrance Birthday Tray with the Celebration Stadium candle holder and birthday cake.  Make a wish!

Now you can host a birthday like no other. Thanks to popular demand from our customers, make the entrance fittingly grand with the new Celebration Stadium Tray.

Imagine your great photos and videos as up to 100 lit candles and a beautiful cake enter the room.  Your special peeps will feel so love and appreciated!

Here comes the 30th birthday cake and Celebration Stadium candle holder on a "Grand Entrance" tray.  Time to sing "Happy Birthday"!
Incredibly sturdy, the Tray is made from high quality acrylic with two carrying handles. Pre-cut slots precisely fit the legs of the Celebration Stadium to hold it in place while carrying the Tray.

"Grand Entrance" Birthday Tray, Silver with Elegant White Accents

Available in two colors, clear (pictured below) or silver with elegant white swirls + "Happy Birthday" written across the front (above).

Clear version of "Grand Entrance" Birthday Tray

The clear version allows your tablecloth or party runner to show through. The Tray measures 20 1/2" across x 18 1/2" deep.

Make it the Best Birthday Ever with the new Grand Entrance Tray!

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