75th Birthday Ideas Start With The Celebration Stadium Candle Holder

75 is a special milestone birthday.  It deserves to be celebrated in an extraordinary way!

75th birthday gift ideas - an outdoor party with a Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder for a memorable milestone event


Beautiful display of lit candles makes for the celebration highlight.  Great for photos.

Just insert birthday candles and you're ready to go with a stunning 75th birthday party decoration.


Simple to set up. No wax drips on your cake. More sanitary, not blowing out candles on the cake surface.

75th birthday theme decorations that inspire unforgettable memories and great photos


Make a loved one feel really special on their big day.  Start your new birthday tradition.

Reviews from customers

Outdoor 70th birthday surprise party with water-sports theme birthday cake.

"We actually did 2 celebrations -- one outside and then one inside. The Grandstand was awesome! He loved it, everyone loved it! It really was the hit of the party." -D.Z. New York

75th birthday party with two pretty cakes and 75 lit candles

"Our family of five celebrated outside together, one cake for my three and one cake for my parents. This was perfect!" -S.D. California

75th birthday party for grandfather and granddaughter about to blow out 75 candles

"We ordered it for my father-in-law's 75th birthday. His one wish was to have 75 candles on his cake, and the Stadium allowed us to make his wish come true safely and with a lot more flair. It really added to the celebration and was a cool surprise since none of our guests had seen such a thing before! It will be our new tradition." -D.B.  Illinois

70th birthday cake in three tiers with decorated Celebration Stadium candle holder

"Showcased our dad’s cake beautifully, and made such a wonderful memory. Great packaging, delivery speed, and customer service!" - L.N. Virginia

75th birthday party, rectangular birthday cake next to Celebration Stadium candle holder with 75 gold candles

"★★★★★ "Most perfect candle stadium ever!!! Everyone in my family loved it especially my dad. So unique and it really made his birthday stand out. The quality is amazing. I purchased the stadium with the candles just to make my life easier". -C.O. New York

Milestone Birthday Decorations For Years of Celebrations With the Reusable Celebration Stadium Candle Holder


Made from flame-resistant, high-quality materials, your Stadium will provide years of celebrations. Comes apart for easy storage.

75th Birthday Candle Holders Celebration Stadiums Available in Two Colors:  Silver-Mirror and Fresh-White Polished Aluminum

No Candles on Cake

No need to puncture your beautiful birthday cake with candle holes and deal with unsightly wax drips. More sanitary too!

75th Birthday Decorations Added to Your Celebration Stadium Make For a Spectacular Display


Embellish your Stadium with a personalized cake topper, colorful party supplies ... let your creativity flow!

Choice of two 75th candle holder models The Grandstand and The Candelabra

Choice of 2 Models

The Grandstand is modular so you can set up the Stadium to hold exactly the number of candles from 10 to 110.  Made of flame-resistant white plastic.  Includes 100 candles.  $79.95

The Candelabra holds up to 100 candles in a modern three-tier design.  Made from aluminum composite, flame-resistant material.  Available in two colors: white or silver mirror.  Includes 100 candles.  Starting at $99.95

Give your loved ones a 75th birthday gift  they'll never forget.

Thousands of families across the U.S. and around the world have enjoyed their most memorable birthdays with Celebration Stadiums. Now "make a wish" and order to make your next event extra special!

Your loved one will never forget their 75th birthday, blowing out a candle for every year on a Celebration Stadium. Pictured here white Celebration Stadium with extra-tall pink candles

Invented by our Dad

A man with a big heart and a flair for the sentimental, to Knight Merritt making his family and friends feel special and loved is one of the most important things he can do. When one of his closest buddies turned 80 years old Knight wanted to celebrate his birthday in a memorable way. Knight decided it was important that his friend have the opportunity to blow out 80 candles at his party. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough room to place all of the candles on the cake. As a custom model builder and master craftsman, Knight designed and built a 3-tiered platform that held all 80 candles surrounding the birthday cake. The party was a smashing success with party guests taking countless pictures to capture the smiles of the honored birthday boy.

From that moment on people ask Dad to make them Stadiums. Now we can share this fun and magnificent party highlight with you.

- Carey Ide & Wil Merritt, Celebration Stadium LLC

75th Birthday Theme, With Knight Merritt Inventor of the Original Celebration Stadium Birthday Candle Holders

Famous People With 75th Birthdays in 2024

  • 10th George Foreman – heavyweight champion, Olympic boxer, grill entrepreneur
    18th Philippe Starck – French architect and designer
    22nd Steve Perry – lead singer of Journey
    28th George Popovich – pro basketball coach and general manager San Antonio Spurs

  •   5th Niki Lauda – Austrian Formula One driver, three-time F1 World Champion

  •   3rd Ron Chernow – best-seller author including bio Alexander Hamilton
      5th  Bernard Arnault- French businessman, chairrmab of LVMH, at one time the richest man in the world
    10th Barbara Corcoran – investor on Shark Tank, real estate businesswoman
    17th Patrick Duffy – actor, famous as Bobby Ewing in Dallas
    21st Eddie Money – singer-songwriter, hit song Two Tickets to Paradise
    26th Vicki Lawrence – comedian, best known for The Carol Burnett Show

  •   5th Judith Resnik – NASA astronaut, died in Space Shuttle Challenger disaster
    20th Jennica Lange – actor, won Oscar, Emmy, and Tony awards, “Triple Crown of Acting”
    30th Antonio Guterres – Secretary-General of the United Nations

  • MAY
  •   9th  Billy Joel – singer and pianist, first album was “Piano Man” in 1974
    26th Philip Michael Thomas – actor, famous as Tubbs in Miami Vice

  • JUNE
  • 20th Lionel Richie – singer/songwriter, one best-selling musicians of all time
    22nd Meryl Streep – actor, multiple Oscars included Out of Africa and Devil Wears Prada
    22nd Elizabeth Warren – Senator from Massachusetts
    22nd Lindsay Wagner – actor best known for The Bionic Woman
    25th Phyllis George – sportscaster, businesswoman, Miss America 1971
    27th Vera Wang – New York fashion designer, Olympic ice skater

  • JULY
  •   7th Shelley Duvall – actor, unforgettable in The Shining
      8th Wolfgang Puck – celebrity chef and restauranteur
    24th Michael Richards – comedian, played Kramer on Seinfeld
    26th Roger Taylor – songwriter/rock drummer for Queen, co-wrote Under Pressure

  •   8th Ray Dalio – influential investor, donates to philanthropic causes
    12th Mark Knopfler – lead guitarist and singer from Dire Straits
    23th Shelley Long – actor, famous as Diane in Cheers
    31th Richard Gere – actor, she star of An Officer and A Gentleman

  •   4th Tom Watson – retired pro golfer, won 8 major championships
      9th Joe Theismann – former pro football player and sports commentator
    10th Bill O’Reilly – controversial political media figure
    19th Twiggy – English supermodel in the 1960s
    23th Bruce Springsteen – NJersey rock singer Born in the USA and Born To Run

  •   2nd Annie Leibovitz – celebrity portrait photographer for Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone
      3rd  Lindsey Buckingham – singer, guitarist with Fleetwood Mac
      8th Sigourney Weaver – actor, famous role as Ripley in the Alien movies
    28th Caitlyn Jenner – celebrity, Olympic decathlete, transitioned from a man to a woman

  •   3rd Anna Wintour – Editor-in-chief of Vogue since 1988
      8th  Bonnie Raitt – blues singer-songwriter
    28th Paul Shaffer – composer, bandleader for The Late Show with David Letterman


  4th  Jeff Bridges – actor, star of True Grit and Crazy Heart
15th Don Johnson – TV star known for Miami Vice
22nd Robin Gibb – one of the three brothers forming The Bee Gees
25th Sissy Spacek – actor, star of Carrie, Coal Miner’s Daughter