350 Candles for a 13 Year-Old's Birthday Party?

Aidan with Celebration Stadium for his 13th birthday party, 350 candle $25 donations to raise money for Hunter Syndrome cure

Aidan is a just-turned 13 year-old living in Stratham, NH.  His birthday party on July 24th was an especially joyous and momentous event.  Aidan has a rare, progressive and life threatening disease called Hunter Syndrome.

A dedicated group of friends and family called "Aidan's Army" has raised over half a million dollars to find the cure.  Their non-profit Action for Aidan raised funds around celebrating his birthday by offering $25 candle sponsorships.  Donors helped to light up Aidan's 13th with love and hope for a cure.  The results were awesome with 350+ donations.

Aidan blowing out his 350 candles on two Celebration Stadiums

Celebration Stadium was contacted by the organizers and we were delighted to provide two Stadiums for the party.  On the big day they placed the Stadiums facing each other to create a circle of 200 candles – and a stunning display.  Check out the video of Aidan blowing out all those candles (with a little help from siblings Avery and Owen) on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/actionforaidan

Aidan's family celebrating his 13th birthday July 24, 2021, two Celebration Stadium candle holders facing to make a circle of 200 candles

According to “Action for Aidan”’s website, Hunter Syndrome (MPSII) is a genetic disorder with approximately 2,000 boys afflicted in the world today, 500 in the U.S. In the most common, severe form of the disease, death occurs by the second decade of life. These boys are born lacking a critical enzyme that clears cellular waste from their bodies. Children appear normal at birth, but as the cellular waste accumulates enlarged skulls, heart defects, difficulty breathing, joint contractures, hydrocephalus, nerve conduction disease, enlarged organs, hearing loss, recurrent infections, and more develop.

Aidan at medical facility for tests

You can read more about Aidan and his supporters’ efforts to find a cure for Hunter Syndrome on their website at https://sites.google.com/view/action-for-aidan/about-us/about-action-for-aidan



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