13 year-old Aidan celebrates with 350 candles, each one a donation towards finding a cure for Hunter Syndrome.  Aidan is battling this rare disease supported by a dedicated group of family and friends.

Celebrate 13 Year-Old's Birthday Party with 350 Candles

Aidan is a just-turned 13 year-old living in Stratham, NH. His birthday party on July 24th was an especially joyous and momentous event. Aidan has a rare, progressive and life threatening disease called Hunter Syndrome.
A dedicated group of friends and family called "Aidan's Army" has raised over half a million dollars to find the cure. Their non-profit Action for Aidan raised funds around celebrating his birthday by offering $25 candle sponsorships. Donors helped to light up Aidan's 13th with love and hope for a cure. The results were awesome with 350+ donations.

Celebration Stadium was contacted by the organizers and we were delighted to provide two Stadiums for the party. On the big day they placed the Stadiums facing each other to create a circle of 200 candles – and a stunning display. Check out the video of Aidan blowing out all those candles (with a little help from siblings Avery and Owen) on their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/actionforaidan

The fact that this is my last child's sixth birthday adds an extra layer of emotion to the mix. It's the last time I'll witness the anticipation of blowing out the candles as a six-year-old, the last time I'll get to pick out the perfect theme together, and the last time I'll see that spark of pure joy as she unwraps her presents. Yet, amidst the tinge of sadness that comes with these "lasts," there's an overwhelming sense of gratitude and love. Love that has multiplied with each child and each birthday celebration. And what better way to celebrate those cherished moments than with a unique and heartwarming new tradition: using one candle for every month we have loved her!

You can read more about Aidan and his supporters’ efforts to find a cure for Hunter Syndrome on their website at https://sites.google.com/view/action-for-aidan/about-us/about-action-for-aidan

According to “Action for Aidan”’s website, Hunter Syndrome (MPSII) is a genetic disorder with approximately 2,000 boys afflicted in the world today, 500 in the U.S. In the most common, severe form of the disease, death occurs by the second decade of life. These boys are born lacking a critical enzyme that clears cellular waste from their bodies. Children appear normal at birth, but as the cellular waste accumulates enlarged skulls, heart defects, difficulty breathing, joint contractures, hydrocephalus, nerve conduction disease, enlarged organs, hearing loss, recurrent infections, and more develop.

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The Milestone Celebration: A 13-Year-Old's Birthday Bash

Milestone birthday celebration ideas can transform a regular birthday party into an unforgettable event. Aidan's 13th birthday bash was more than just a party; it was a testament to love, hope, and community spirit. Friends and family came together, not just to celebrate a year of growth but to support a cause close to their hearts. The joyous atmosphere, the laughter ringing through the air, and the heartfelt wishes made this birthday bash a milestone event. Each moment was a reminder that every birthday is not just a personal milestone but an opportunity to bring people together for a greater cause.

Milestone birthday celebration ideas

Lighting Up the Party: 350 Candles for a Teen's Special Day

Imagine the glow of 350 candles, each flicker symbolizing hope and support for Aidan's journey. This wasn't just any birthday celebration; it was a statement, a beacon of unity lit by gold birthday candles. As the soft, warm light from the candles filled the room, it brought with it a sense of solidarity and strength. Each candle, sponsored by a donor, was not just a source of light but a symbol of love and hope, illuminating the path toward a brighter future. This extraordinary display was not just a testament to Aidan's spirit but also a powerful reminder of how a community can shine together in support of one of its own.

Gold birthday candles

Turning 13 in Style: A 350-Candle Birthday Celebration

Aidan's 13th birthday was not just a celebration; it was a grand spectacle, a visual feast courtesy of Celebration Stadium. The meticulously arranged birthday cake candle holders were not merely accessories; they were the pillars of a monumental display of unity and support. This was a birthday party that went beyond the norm, setting a new standard for what a celebration could be. The 350 candles, each representing a beacon of hope, transformed the party into a luminous festival of life and community support. It was a clear message that even in the face of adversity, joy and celebration can shine brightly, turning a simple birthday into an event of monumental significance.

Birthday cake candle holders


As the candles flicker out, leaving a warm afterglow, it’s clear that this tradition of one candle for each month is more than just a birthday ritual; it's a vivid tapestry of our journey together. Each tiny flame tells a story, illuminating the path we’ve traveled as a family. It's a beautiful reminder that every month, every moment with our child is a precious gift to be celebrated. So, as we close this chapter and look forward to many more, we hold onto the warmth and love each candle has represented, cherishing the countless memories and anticipating the joys yet to come.

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