Let's Celebrate

Let's Celebrate

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by Carey Ide, Co-Owner, Celebration Stadium LLC

It may be cliché to say, but hey, life is short.  In between the demands of our daily routines, responsibilities and the news of the day, it's important to remember to prioritize what we care about the most.   Those priorities are our joys to celebrate.

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Celebration is the antidote to fear!  Why?  Because we celebrate our joys in life.  
Life is in the 'moments" and we celebrate the moments.  Birthdays and anniversaries are some of the moments that can bring us together.  The planning and execution of gatherings creates the smiles, memories and photos that capture the moment and communicate the things we care about in life.

My parents just celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary.  My siblings and I all pitched in to plan a celebration for them.  My sister has a friend with a sailboat who agreed to take us out for a cruise.  My brother ordered baseball caps for each of us to wear with a customized stitched anniversary logo he create with our family crest and a "6-4" on it.

64th Anniversary Family Celebration on a sailboat
My other sister bought the provisions we would need while on the boat.  I created a cake topper with the anniversary logo, bought a cake and 64 candles to commemorate their day.  They were beyond thrilled and the stories, pictures and memories we all have of being together are priceless. 

Family celebrating wedding anniversary with Celebration Stadium holding 64 candles


Celebrate the joy in your life.  There are lots of moments to recognize.  We need to observe our joy as much as possible these days.  You will never regret it!

Anniversary celebration 64 years together

It's so much fun to see how people celebrate.  Here are some recent pictures from their own major milestones.

100th Birthday
100th Birthday Ideas Celebration Stadium candle holder fit for a Centennial
90th Birthday90th Birthday Ideas Celebration Stadium with mother and daughters
80th Birthday
80th birthday ideas Celebration Stadium gala party decorations

70th Birthday
70th birthday ideas Celebration Stadium for granddad

60th Birthday
60th birthday ideas Celebration Stadium party with friends and family

50th Birthday
50th birthday gala party with Celebration Stadium and extra-tall gold candles

40th Birthday
40th birthday ideas Celebration Stadium with creative cake decorations

30th Birthday
30th birthday ideas Celebration Stadium evening party


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