Celebrate a July 4th Birthday: Red, White & Festive Ideas

Celebrate a July 4th Birthday: Red, White & Festive Ideas

4th of July Birthday Party Ideas with Celebration Stadiums

Our mom's birthday is July 3rd, so we've always enjoyed a patriotic theme for her parties.  What could be a better time for a birthday? ... fireworks, barbeques, and outdoor gatherings guarantee a good time.

Looking for July 4th birthday ideas? We asked one of the world's top party stylists to share a design for a Celebration Stadium Grandstand decked out with a 4th of July theme.  Natalie Mayhew is the Creative Director and Founder of Fern & Maple based in Portland, Oregon.  We're thrilled to show off her ideas that might spark your own patriotic birthday party with a Celebration Stadium candle holder.

July 4th Birthday Celebration with Candle Grandstand Party Centerpiece


Some things we really like about this...
  • birthdays don't have to mean full-size cakes, here doughnuts mix with mini-cupcakes
  • two sizes of American flags make it visually interesting, very effective to place the larger size flag into the Grandstand Clips that come with the Celebration Stadium (see the video below)
  • the blue balloon wall is so festive, matched with the red cake stand that pops
  • it's placed on one of our Grand Entrance Trays, Natalie uses a "USA" ribbon wrapped around the tray edge for a finished touch


Click on the video below to see some details on how Natalie put together her ideas for a 4th of July birthday celebration, (it's just 12 seconds long)


Party guru Natalie Meyhew's ideas for a 4th of July birthday party



The 4th of July just lends itself to celebrations, from Taylor Swift's famous blow-outs to HGTV's ideas for food, decorating and fun in your own back yard.  

Happy 4th to you and yours!

On the Fourth of July, so grand and bright,
I celebrate my birthday with fireworks in flight.
While others ooh and aah at the colorful show, I
blow out my candles, a birthday glow!

With sparklers ablaze and flags in the air,
I add another year, without a care.
As the nation cheers for its Independence Day,
I raise a toast to another year's fray.

So here's to me, born on this festive spree,
A birthday on the Fourth, as patriotic as can be!
With cake and laughter, and rockets that soar,
I'm the real firecracker, just ask for more!


Patriotic birthday party theme details
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