Celebrate A Valentine's Birthday 💖


Valentine's Day 60th birthday theme with Celebration Stadium candle holder and heart-shaped cake

If you or someone close to you has a birthday on Valentine's Day you know it can be a mixed blessing.  And you're not alone - in the U.S. February 14th is the day with the most births between Jan 1 and July 1.

 Romantic wine & roses candle light birthday celebration

As a birthday it can be tough... everyone else is getting cards and gifts on your big day.  All the restaurants are fully booked, and a lot of people can't come to your party because it's the ultimate date night.

40th birthday party pink roses on the Celebration Stadium

 That said, according tarot profiles, Valentine's Day babies are determined, enjoy a challenge, and love to take risks. They're driven to succeed and want to help the people they love succeed, as well. They are  born passionate, and nothing will stand in their way.  So go for it children of Cupid, decorate your Celebration Stadium and enjoy your day!

How to celebrate a Valentine's Day birthday heart-shaped cake and Celebration Stadium candle holder 
This gorgeous heart-shaped cake was created for Celebration Stadium by master pastry chef Charles Froke of the St. Croix Baking Company in Hudson, Wisconsin.  We decorated a large white Celebration Stadium for a 65th birthday party with paper cut-out candy hearts and emojis held by our Stadium clips.


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