"Grand Entrance" Tray for "The Candelabra" Large-size

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Make the most of your Celebration Stadium with a "Grand Entrance" Tray to carry the birthday cake and candle holder.  The tray is very sturdy, high quality acrylic with two carrying handles and pre-cut slots that precisely fit the legs of the Celebration Stadium. 

Size 20 1/2" across x 18 1/2" deep.

Metallic silver with white accent swirls + "Happy Birthday" written across the front.

"It was a HIT. The talk of the party. Our Mom’s 85th birthday was the BEST ever. Thanks a bunches for all the fun you created for us."  -J.A. Florida

★★★★★ "This will make a grand entrance for celebrating my husband's 60th birthday.  I'm looking forward to a magnificent party highlight and pictures to capture all the excitement."   -D.S. North Carolina