Planning a Milestone 70th Birthday Party: Tips for a Personalized Party from a Celebration Stadium Customer

At Celebration Stadium, our goal is to help you create unforgettable birthday memories - no matter the age you’re celebrating.

However, we know that milestone birthdays - like a 50th birthday, 70th birthday, or even a 100th birthday - tend to garner a bit more attention and can require more planning.

So when satisfied customer Diane Z. reached out to tell us about her husband Gary’s 70th birthday party, we asked her to share some milestone birthday party planning tips for creating a perfectly personalized party.

Planning for a family milestone party - 70th birthday cake with a Grandstand candle holder and 70 lit candles

Planning a 70th Birthday Bash: Start Early

For a milestone celebration that will include many guests, Diane recommends beginning the party planning process early.

Although Gary’s 70th birthday was not until June, Diane began planning his “big” birthday party in early spring.  This gave her a lot of time to research and prepare.

While searching Google for 70th birthday party decorating ideas, she stumbled upon the Celebration Stadium.  It was like nothing she had ever seen before!  Because she planned ahead and ordered early, she was able to compare both the original Candelabra Stadium and the new Grandstand Stadium, and decide which would work best for her husband’s 70th birthday party.

70th birthday cake water sports theme with Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder

Create a Personalized 70th Birthday Experience

Starting the planning process well in advance of the party let Diane create a truly personalized experience for Gary’s birthday.

She chose a black and gold color scheme for party decorations, and even wrapped wine bottles in custom “Cheers to 70 Years” labels.  

Pulling from Gary’s service in the Coast Guard and Flotilla, and their life together on a lake, she custom designed a cake to bring a water theme to the party. 

On the night of the party, she recruited a helper to light all 70 candles in the Celebration Stadium Grandstand.  As she brought it out on the Grand Entrance Tray, she was met with a chorus of “Happy Birthday” and lots of “oohs” and “aahs”  presenting Gary with his cake.

Diane said that was her favorite part of the day.  “I had been planning for months and I was so excited to light those candles. The presentation was beautiful and I was proud to bring it to Gary.”

Gary told us that while looking at all of those candles and flames, it became a little emotional.  Seeing so many important people in his life who took time out of their lives to be there for his party was very touching.  And while they were all gathered around, he blew out all 70 candles himself.  It was a memorable evening for everyone.

70th Birthday Party Wisdom: The More The Merrier

Life being what it is, it was not possible for all of the important people in Gary’s life to attend his 70th birthday bash.  Because of that, two other smaller celebrations took place both before and after his party.

Weeks before Gary’s big party, the family celebrated with his daughter and granddaughter.  Using the Celebration Stadium and customized topper made this intimate celebration extra special for all involved.

And, weeks after his “official” birthday party, Gary celebrated with another set of family members. Diane explained that her grandchildren, ages 7, 4, and 2, really enjoyed seeing 70 candles all lit up in the Celebration Stadium.  “They thought it was pretty cool!” 

In all, Gary had four cakes over the course of his 70th birthday celebrations, including his favorite strawberry shortcake.  And, spreading out the festivities allowed him to share this monumental occasion with as many of the important people in his life as possible. 

70th surprise birthday party family event with Celebration Stadium candle holder and 70 lit candles

Gary’s 70th birthday celebrations show that milestone birthday parties, no matter how big or small, are special because of the people they’re shared with.  We’re thankful to Diane and Gary for sharing their advice and story of how Celebration Stadium played a role in creating memories to last a lifetime for their family and friends.

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