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65 Things To Do When You Retire - Making The Most Of The Rest Of Your Life

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A collection of 65 essays that provide practical and entertaining advice about how to create a fulfilling retirement. Retirement is no longer just about recreational activities like shuffleboard and golf - nowadays, it's often about re-creation: reinventing oneself and having the time to do all the things that got deferred while working 9 to 5.

For everyone reaching this milestone stage of life, this book is filled with practical and bold advice - and celebrates the idea that the best is yet to come! The contributors include recognizable names, like Jimmy Carter and Gloria Steinem, as well as others who have created dynamic lives post-retirement. Other contributors include respected retirement experts.

"One of the best guides to later life. Thoughtful, enlightening, and at times, very funny."  -The Wall Street Journal

"the best book to read at age 65" -The Washington Post

  • 65 Things To Do When You Retire is part of the successful series that celebrates milestone life events

  • The perfect gift book for anyone celebrating their retirement

  • For everyone reaching this milestone stage of life, this book is filled with practical and bold advice - and celebrates the idea that the best is yet to come
Contributors include:

Jimmy Carter • Gloria Steinem • Mort Gerberg • John E. Nelson • Jeri Sedlar and RIck Miners • Kerry Hannon • Liz Pryor • Nancy K. Schlossberg • Bill Roiter • Peter Spiers • Andrew Carle and more!

More than $350,000 has been generated in royalties from the sales of this milestone series, and donated to charities dedicated to cancer research and prevention.

About the Author

Mark Evan Chimsky is the founder of Mark Chimsky Editorial Services Unlimited, a consultancy based in Portland, Maine, offering expert editorial advice. Throughout his notable career in publishing, Chimsky has held prestigious positions, including Editor-in-Chief at Sellers Publishing, Executive Editor and Editorial Director at Harper San Francisco, and led the paperback divisions at Little, Brown, and Macmillan. His editing repertoire includes bestsellers like Johnny Cash’s “Cash” and collaborations with esteemed writers such as Arthur Hertzberg and Robert Coles. He initiated the successful series "The Best American Erotica," compiled by Susie Bright, and was instrumental in reintroducing Dawn Powell's works. Mark’s editorial excellence extends to anthologies like "Congratulations, Graduate!" and "65 Things to Do When You Retire," praised by the Wall Street Journal. His editorial prowess has been recognized in publications like Vanity Fair and Publishers Weekly. Mark has also shared his knowledge at New York University's Center for Publishing and Emerson College, Boston. An accomplished poet, his works have been featured in various esteemed journals, including JAMA and Mississippi Review, showcasing his diverse literary talents.

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