Celebration Stadium Birthday Candle Holder [Smaller size]

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Our smaller Celebration Stadium. Perfect for cupcakes, smaller cakes, muffins, even personal-size pizzas! Holds up to 100 candles and/or decorations. Reusable, can be easily disassembled for flat storage. 14" wide x 7" deep.  The highest tier is 4 1/2" tall.


The small Celebration Stadium is made from high-quality, flame-resistant aluminum composite material 1/8" thick.


Patent pending.


Most standard grocery store or party store birthday candles will fit perfectly in the Stadium holes. However, some "fancy" candles may be slightly too small or too wide in diameter for the Stadium. Please try them out ahead of your event to be sure! You can also purchase beautiful candles from the Celebration Stadium website that we have tested for an ideal fit.