Sassy Pecan: August Cakery of the Month

By Carey Ide, Co-founder Celebration Stadium

Have you ever been in the position of celebrating someone's birthday at the last minute? Sometimes celebrations pop up quickly and you need a simple solution.  We found the perfect (and delicious) quick fix in a new product called Sweetie Cakes by Sassy Pecan.   Sweetie Cakes Mug Cakes are a single serving cake mix you pour into a mug, add water or milk, stir and bake in a microwave for 60 seconds.  And to make it a birthday party, simply add any number of birthday candles on the small size Celebration Stadium and put the cake in the mug at the center!  It makes for a heartfelt and festive scene in just minutes.

Based in Watertown, Tennessee, Sassy Pecan is a small business that sells prepackaged, original, family recipes based on classic Southern desserts. They offer four primary products; Sticky Doohickeys (rice krispies with toffee), Sassy Shortbread cookies, Pecan Clusters and, of course, Sweetie Cakes. We met Ka and Rachel Small, the dynamic mother/daughter team who owns Sassy Pecan, in their booth at the Pinners Conference & Expo in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  I found them by following my nose toward the smell of cinnamon.  After falling in love with a sample of the Mug Cake right out of the microwave, I shared Celebration Stadium with them as a way to hold birthday candles while featuring their desserts. Ka and Rachel both agreed, the combination is a wonderful way to celebrate birthdays for college students on a budget, eleventh hour office parties, or for other quick and easy special celebrations.

If you're a Pinner and like to find creative ideas on Pinterest, the Pinners Conference & Expo would be paradise for you. The event is currently hosted in six different cities around the country. Whether you follow art, home decor, hair styling, or entertaining, they offer an incredible opportunity to learn, connect, and create along side people who share in your favorite interests and with vendors who supply the know-how and materials. With 100 classes offered and 300 shops exhibited, I spent the day there feeling inspired and found a snap solution for honoring those surprise occasions.

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