Where did birthday candles come from? ... and what is the new way to "Make A Wish"?

Vintage Birthday Candle Packaging


Who doesn't love the birthday ritual of making a wish while blowing out the candles? But when did this tradition first begin, and where did it originate?

Many historians trace it back to ancient Greece. As a way to show their respect for the god Artemis, the Greeks created cakes in the shape of the moon and decorated them with candles to represent moonlight. They believed  their prayers were transported to heaven on the smoke.

In the middle ages Germans would celebrate "Kinderfest" children's birthdays with simple bread-like cakes. A single candle was placed on the cake symbolizing the "light of life."

The practice blossomed to a whole new level in 1746 when Count Ludwig Von Zinzendorf hosted a grand birthday party. A guest at the party wrote about the

Kinderfest childrens' birthday party Germany 1700s

experience, "there was a cake as large as any oven could be found to bake it, and holes made in the cake according to the years of the person’s age, every one having a candle stuck into it."

Forward to the mid-1800s, the practice of blowing out the candles on birthday cakes became increasingly common in Europe, especially among the well-to-do who could afford decorated cakes.  In the U.S. industrialization made baking products with reach of many families and birthday cakes become widespread by the end of the nineteenth century.

Birthday cakes and candles are a timeless simple joy that allow for a moment of reflection on a special day once every year.  Now we've updated the tradition -- and upped the joy -- thanks to the Celebration Stadium Birthday Candelabra. 

Celebration Stadium Birthday Candelabra

  • recently patented invention holds up to 100 birthday candles
  • celebrate with a candle for every year
  • semi-circle to wrap around a birthday cake
  • makes for spectacular photos and videos
  • keeps the candles off the cake surface -- no wax puddles
  • more sanitary for blowing out the candles
  • reusable for years of celebrations
  • comes apart for flat storage
  • 5-star customer reviews and their submitted photos

Birthday candles never had it so good!  With a Celebration Stadium your birthday party will be an unforgettable milestone event. See the full range of Celebration Stadiums and accessories.

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