Deep Sea Sugar & Salt: July Cakery of the Month

By Wil Merritt, Co-Founder of Celebration Stadium

“Best cake ever!” declared my daughter tasting “The London Fog”, an Earl Grey cake with honey, bergamot mascarpone cream and cream cheese frosting. Thanks to a friend’s tip, we had just discovered the crazily-named but unbelievably delicious bakery called Deep Sea Sugar & Salt, a hidden jewel in Seattle’s trendy Georgetown neighborhood.

Founded by baker Charlie Dunmire initially working out of a quirky Airstream silver steel trailer, Deep Sea Sugar and Salt now is based in a charming historic building. With a growing reputation for unusual flavor cakes and cupcakes, they were recognized as Eater’s 2018 Bakery of the Year.

Charlie learned the trade in a small town bakery proofing croissants, scooping muffins, piping eclairs, and frying donuts. She took a break to travel and try new things, landing in Alaska. There she worked processing cod aboard a fishing vessel. She eventually became a cook on the ship making birthday cakes for the crew. It was her three years at sea that inspired the name for the bakery.

Deep Sea Sugar & Salt sells slices of their magnificent cakes in the shop. This short video shows the loving care in getting that first slice from a Pistachio Cake, featuring salt syrup, lemon curd, and lemon cream cheese frosting:

Says Charlie, “cake is the perfect combination of food, art and design. The structure of a cake recipe and the wild freedom that comes with matching flavors and decorating, it’s the perfect fit. I instantly fell in love”. Unique cakes currently on the menu include Peach Bourbon, Molasses Stout, Brown Butter Banana Graham, Pistachio Lemon and 9LB Porter Chocolate.

Given such magnificently decorated cakes, Celebration Stadiums are the ideal way to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries. Says Charlie “This is such a great idea. I love the tradition of a candle for every year without the wax drips on the cake.”

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