7 Ways To Make A Quarantine Birthday Special

Celebration Stadium quarantine birthday party


Hey Yalllllll! 

With my birthday coming up I have been brainstorming fun and creative ways to celebrate my 29th birthday while in quarantine. I usually have a big halloween party, but since we are in the midst of a global pandemic that probabllllly wouldn’t be the best idea right now (sighhh, maybe next year).

Since I can’t have any large gatherings or go to the places I normally would for special occasions, I came up with 7 alternative ways to still celebrate and make my birthday a special and memorable one. It’s the last year of me being in my twenties and I want to make it count! 

If you have recently celebrated a birthday while in quarantine or plan to do any of these ideas yourself, tell me how yours turned out in the comments below!


1. Decorate the front yard with party decor

Drive by celebrations/parades have become very popular during covid-19. Family and friends are able to stop by their loved ones' homes and drop off gifts without making physical contact. One way to make their drive by visit even more special is by decorating your front yard with large letters and numbers that spell out your name and age. If you really want to go all out, you can play loud birthday music so everyone can sing along! 

**A cool idea**: For a girl's birthday, I think it would be a super cute idea to do a barbie themed front yard and have her stand inside of the barbie box as everyone passes by! 

2. Create a new birthday tradition

Every year, it’s tradition that my mom makes myself and all of my siblings a homemade cake for our birthdays. We all know a cake is coming, but we never know what the new flavor will be or how it will be decorated. Last year, my brother got a strawberry monster cake covered in green icing with googly eyes all over, lol. This year, I plan to add on to that tradition by incorporating a Celebration Stadium! 

Celebration Stadium birthday candles lit for quarantine party

The Celebration Stadium is a flame-resistant three-tiered candle holder placed around a cake that holds up to 100 candles in a safe and convenient way. One thing that I really like about the Celebration Stadium (besides the fact that it’s absolutely beautiful when it’s all lit up), is that you no longer have to stick a bunch of melting candles on top of your beautiful (or googly eye) cake. That also means that you won’t have to blow all over the cake when it’s time to blow out the candles giving your family members and loved ones peace of mind when it comes to germ protection. 

 setting up Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder

With the high-quality metal material making it reusable for any future birthday party, I can definitely see this becoming a new tradition in our family and quite possibly a family heirloom that could be passed down to future generations!

 close up of pink roses on a Celebration Stadium birthday party

Quarantine birthday party Celebration Stadium candle holder


3. Set up a zoom party with friends

Fun fact: My family reunion was held via Zoom this past July and it was the most 2020ish thing I’ve ever experienced, lol. Never in a million years would I have imagined that’s how we would all get to see each other this year .

Anywho, our virtual family reunion gave me the idea of a virtual Zoom birthday party! How cute would it be to send out birthday kits to all of your friends that include party hats, noise makers and a cookie or cupcake?! On the day of your Zoom party everyone would log in at the scheduled invite time wearing their hats and horns ready to sing happy birthday! To add an extra pop of fun, you could create a festive backdrop for yourself so you'll have cute pictures to frame afterwards.

(psssssst……a Zoom party would be a great opportunity to put the Celebration Stadium to use! If you really want to add in a wow factor, have all the candles lit and ready to go when everyone logs in. You’ll be sure to get questions asking what it is and where you got it from!

 Celebration Stadium birthday candle holder with pink rose decorated cake

4. Treat yourself to an at home spa day

A full day of pampering? Yes please! Create a playlist of calm, relaxing music and have a beach scene looping in the background on a big screen TV for scenery. Take a bubble bath, light candles, burn essential oils and drink hot teas. You also might want to request a fluffy robe and a foot massager as gifts from your friends and family members so you can really make the most of your special day! (In addition to my using Celebration Stadium  for my homemade cake, I am strongly leaning towards the spa day option for my 29th birthday extra special quarantine style!)

5. Setup an outdoor movie night

Grab some popcorn, a white sheet, a projector and blankets! Invite your friends and family over for an outdoor movie night. If you don’t have a big enough yard for everyone to be safely spaced at least 6 feet apart, you can always meet up at a local drive-in and park near each other. 

6.  Plan a picnic party 

Prior to the pandemic, this was something I had always wanted to plan but never got around to doing! If you live anywhere near a nice park, find a nice wide open spot and invite your friends and family to meet you for a socially distanced picnic party. Place all pillows/blankets at least six feet apart and create a sanitizing station where people stop at before eating. Don’t forget to grab a speaker for music!

7. Go camping

If you know me, you know I LOVE camping! And with covid, I couldn’t think of a more perfect time to explore the great outdoors! Invite a group of friends to spend a night under the stars at your local camping grounds or in your backyard if it’s big enough. As always, make sure everyone's tent is spaced out at least 6ft apart. 

2020 has undoubtedly thrown a few obstacles in our way when it comes to celebrating some of life's special moments. That doesn’t mean we have to cancel our plans all together, it just means we have to use our creative juices to figure out how we can safely host fun events and gatherings! 

Quarantine birthday party with white Celebration Stadium centerpiece


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