Dagmar's Desserts: February 2019 Cakery of the Month

How better to celebrate a February birthday than with a magnificent black forest cake! Baked by Dagmar's Desserts in Old Saybrook, Connecticut, our Cakery of the Month specializes in traditional Bavarian pastries.

Founder Dagmar Ratensperger grew up in Nuremburg, Germany, she opened her bakery in 2007. Dagmar came to the U.S. 25 years ago and initially went into a marketing career. She started baking using her mother's recipes from Europe and her own self-taught culinary skills. She recreated the delicacies of her childhood, selling them at local farmers markets. Dagmar quickly built a following of loyal customers which encouraged her to open her inviting shop on the main street of Old Saybrook.

Pictured in the shop with a flourless chocolate cake, a Celebration Stadium on the counter welcomes customers.

Dagmar's pride and joy offering is stollen, available in different varieties such as marzipan, quark (a cheese that is popular in Germany, tastes similar to sour cream), and cranberry walnut. “Stollen is a traditional dessert in Germany,” Dagmar explains. “It’s a fruit bread usually sold around the holidays but we now bake them year-round.” Her stollens are available for purchase from anywhere in the U.S.

Check out the photo gallery of Dagmar's beautiful wedding cakes, tortes, tarts, and strudels on their website, just scroll down past the menu.

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